1. seriously though
    can i be the next james bond


  2. wish-list
    dolly track for new video project
    more space
    heavy duty tripod
    wide lens for my AE-1
    smoke machine

  3. Just hanging out at home doing assignments.

  4. this image comes with a sob story haha.
    shot it yesterday, couldn’t get the lighting to look how i imagined it in my head and couldn’t get the composition to work so that the basket and the model were not awkwardly positioned and all in frame. and then i forgot that it was supposed to be shot vertical so in post i had to piece together the top half of the frame from outtakes. also probably should have gone with a different brand of chocolate to suit the concept. 

  5. food photography. more challenging than anticipated.
    just finished shooting this, now on to retouching.

  6. sun disappeared behind monster storm clouds before i could actually shoot the final image. so this is what we have.
    sincere appreciation to genevieve for being my parisian tourist lifestyle model.


  8. Anonymous asked: Your voice is sexy.

    thanks! i’ll take that. ;)

  9. being candid in video form instead of shooting assignments.


  10. bought vancouver sleep clinic’s EP on itunes yesterday.
    these guys are getting amazing very fast. so excited to see where they go.

  11. shot this today for a tuscan natural mineral water campaign. the colour palette feels “right” for the product, but aesthetically i hate it. still in the midst of retouching so we’ll see.

  12. reshot with minor improvements to the alphabet soup hot tub.


  14. something i whipped up last week. still not sure how i feel about it.


  15. photography tip No.162:
    the easiest way to remove dust in a photo is with a cloth before shooting, not with a healing bush on photoshop.