1. bits of october
    biscuit reminders to be nice / looking for spiderwebs / bought a stool for beside my bed / tiny leaf bug pal


  2. im making a photo with choc chip cookies and i bought double. just in case.

  3. work in progress

  4. another test shot for an idea that i’ll never finish.


  5. i’d like to climb a mountain, spend an afternoon at the beach, eat toasted sandwiches in a cafe, and not think about any rapidly approaching deadlines.

  6. best grandparents. 

  7. using dog to cure sad


  8. i loved willow smith from the start and this is just gold.

  9. i have no idea what i’m doing. add me https://ello.co/adamthomas

  10. geometric

  11. the summation of mucking around in the studio all afternoon

  12. not sure what’s happening here


  13. going to drag myself out to the studio to start test shooting my new project. running out of steam for this semester. 

  15. last night was pretty excellent