1. Losing my mind over what I’m doing my project about. Change my idea every other day. This is ridiculoussss.


  2. 4 hours of driving today. 
    someone should be making a roadtrip documentary as i nervously drive around south-east queensland.


  3. i’m half way through shooting for my book project and this weekend i’m going to stay by the sea to start shooting for my final body of work for university.
    this year has gone ridiculously fast so far. 

  4. rough test shot for an idea that will probably never happen.
    a random assortment of objects from a dollar store in the style of 15th century spanish painter, Juan Sánchez Cotán.


  5. When I’m sad I just google image search “knolling” and I feel good again.

  6. first half of august on iphone


  7. it’s rained all day and i’ve be alternating between trying to shoot in my studio and lying on my bed anticipating an epiphany with this new project. 

  8. 85mm lens came today. took some tests.

  9. sunday afternoon


  11. An image of mine made the cover of Four Thousand’s 356th newsletter!

  12. here’s an unedited test shot sneak peek of project that might/might not happen

  13. man in a bear costume holding bear

  15. My online presence is now enhanced with a new website!