1. when i grow up i want hair as good as david lynch.

  2. i will delete this once the shyness kicks in. but i was doing a lighting test for current project and as usual i used myself because it’s just easier. and i think i look quite majestic and i’m really proud of this but i want someone else to come over and be in the photo for me. too many pictures of my face. im sorry.


  3. this is my anthem


  4. december will mark 5 years since i started taking photos and shot my first roll of film. that’s a quarter of my life. nuts!

  5. the step 1 (of 4) in layering light for a shot i’m working on.


  6. love getting hired by friendly people with good taste

  7. citrus

  8. cramyettelyn:


    Adam Thomas (2014)


    Oh hey look who it is! Some work by my talented pal Adam :-)



  9. deep down i think i’d like to be more interested in dressing well. but i’m very content with wearing black tshirts and jeans every day. why bother.

  10. september on iphone
    new oil painting/long days at uni/exploring near home/wattle flower season

  11. debating whether or not to enter this into the kennel club dog photographer of the year competition or not. making the tough choices.

  12. been shooting a lot of plant type stuff and it’s great. this is a little close up outtake.

  14. 5am & 5pm

  15. plunger.