1. went for my first swim of the season. it was amazing.


  2. ordered a delicious green background paper roll. 

  3. geometric

  4. the summation of mucking around in the studio all afternoon

  5. not sure what’s happening here


  6. going to drag myself out to the studio to start test shooting my new project. running out of steam for this semester. 

  8. last night was pretty excellent

  10. commongroundblog:

    Issue One of Common Ground is now available for download!

    Common Ground is a response to the underrepresentation of women in pivotal aspects of Australia’s arts sector. Featuring 8 Australian photo-media artists, the first issue explores ideas of familial and spacial identity, curated under the title of ‘Points of Origin’.

    Artists include:
    Anna Carey
    Ying Ang
    Camille Serisier
    Sancintya Simpson
    Katrin Koenning
    Lynette Letic
    Rebecca Smith
    Belinda Kochanowska


    This is a brilliant publication. It contains work from some top notch artists (some which I have had the pleasure of knowing) and supports lots of my favourite things: Australians, photographers and ladies. Hop on their facebook too to support it and get future issues.

  11. amy (my 7 year old sister) sat in for my lighting test this afternoon but i actually really like this and might redo it for the final set. hah!

  12. Stop eating my earbuds. Rude.


  13. this is my anthem


  14. december will mark 5 years since i started taking photos and shot my first roll of film. that’s a quarter of my life. nuts!

  15. the step 1 (of 4) in layering light for a shot i’m working on.